Monday, November 19, 2012

Vintage Splatter Paint Alpine Mountain Bike Rehab

I found this vintage splatter paint Alpine Mountain Bike a while back and saved it from the trash truck! Overall, the bike has nice components and warrants saving. The first thing I did when I found the bike was take the wheels and tires off and installed on my vintage Trek 850...:)  After considerable debate I have decided to save the old bike and will turn it into a serious dirt trail bike for next summer.  I have already sourced some rims for it as well as a very nice Tioga 2.30 Pro Mountain Bike tire for the rear so I am well on my way.  I still have to figure out where to find a new set of crank arms for the bike but some will eventually find their way to me on the cheap!  My goal is to rebuild this bike into rideable condition for FREE!!!!  I figure with my parts stash and the occasional bike I find kicked to the curb in my neighborhood I can realistically pull this off by next summer.

At first glance the bike looks like a basket case but it has potential!    I like the splatter paint job..reminds me of the early 90s.  For some reason when I look at this bike it reminds of that old John Candy movie about the Jamaican Bobsled team with all the loud colors of the early 90s...Go figure??? :)  I have already named this one "Cool Runnings"! All I need now is a Delorean and I could mount this on top....I would look like I had traveled straight out the early 90s....:)  Ok----I might be carrying this a bit far.  If anyone wants to let me borrow their Delorean to make this happen just let me know....:)

I will update with additional pictures this week for those interested.  Until then...happy trails!

Update...already found some wheels and have installed a 2.30 pro Tioga tire on the rear and a 2.15 Bontranger tire on the front.  I will soon have the wheels installed on project "Cool Runnings!".


Jonathan-a.k.a Johnny said...

Cool Runnings- My favorite movie of all time!

"Feel the rythm, feel the ride, get on up, it's (Vintage bicycle restoration) time, Cool Runnings!!"

Greg said...

That is a classic for sure! Great movie! I dug out my old Cool Runnings VHS where is my old VHS player.....still looking! :)

Jonathan-a.k.a Johnny said...

For the crank arm your looking at an old Shimano Exage Biospace crank arm, probably with two chainrings. Some new tires and a front wheel and that bike will be ready to hit the mountain bike trails again!

Greg said...

Thanks for the tip! I am thinking about replacing both sides if I can find a complete set....the crank arm on the left side is bent so time for replacement. I am sure one will happen along soon.