Saturday, June 27, 2009

Old Antique Combination Locks 1912

I bought these 4 vintage combination locks off of Ebay for $11. I really just wanted the one barrel combo lock..that one is very old!!!! Also, worth quite a bit of money..$100 plus!!!!! I am going to keep the barrel lock and sell the rest of the combos on Ebay. Nice find! I will update if I guess the combination...:)

Update: The vintage combo lock that I wanted in the lot still had the original code tag on it! How lucky! The code tag was barely legible but my son was able to see it. With a little cleaning with steel wool we had the code and were able to unlock the lock! Terrific find! I recently saw one of these barrel locks sell on Ebay for $150! Not for sale..this one is a keeper! :)

Few cleaning pictures..

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anthony said...

i just bought this old looking lock but cant find it online